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Some Reasons Your SEO Integrations Fail
SEO is a more popular concept between the companies for marketing and getting more business through internet. Every small and big companies considering bringing their SEO work in house to better integrate SEO in the digital marketing follow rather than to keep it siloed as completely separate projects. It is a welcomed new trends  notify the facts that the SEO has many touch points and often times depends on many other departments .However is so far and never come easy. I have worked with more number of companies as they have went through going through the process and near all have struggled  to make transformation . Here the top some reasons why the companies have failed to integrate the SEO Services into the digital marketing process.
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·       Lack of Understand SEO Impact :-
If the SEO department do not clearly understand how their work Impacts SEO and how SEO helps their performance. It is likely they do not want to work with the SEO team as it only seems to create additional work of them.


Solution for this problem fact is by the incorporating SEO into their workflow from early on, it would prevent them from having to make changes to what they created and would actually reduce their workload especially for IT and web design .For the digital marketing team involve social media (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn)they could improve their  campaign performance by send and sharing posts and messages landing page testing results . Customer behavior data with SEO team. SEO team must conduct their outreach program to the other departments to gain the trust, understanding, and cooperation by educating them about the relationship between the SEO and their specific responsible areas. By taking a role based knowledge transfer each area can easily understand how they impact SEO performance rather than trying to learn all things SEO.

Old Corporate Policies and Standards:-

Let’s face it, while SEO has evolved so much over the years, but many companies are still using the best practices and corporate policies from the Bronze Age of the Internet. IT’s responsibilities are focused on the sites uptime, security, web design and in most cases the operation team’s responsibilities end when a page shows up on browser. The crawl ability, relevance detection and visibilities of the web site to the search engines are not their concerns.
You need to search out some way to update the policies and standards used for different department to incorporate SEO connected things. The twenty first century IT and net operations groups ought to embrace “the SEO Engine Friendliness” like server error handing, direct setting, and electronic computer crawlability in their needs. Check with folks to blame of these policies and standards and raise to be enclosed within the update discussions. whereas the IT manner may goit's going to not be the most effective manner for search and educating them on the variations goes a protracted thanks to dynamical method for the higher.
·       No Motivations and Incentives
Traditionally, many companies have the siloed organizational and evaluation system that create a competitive environment within the company among the departments, which does not encourage cross over work among them. Furthermore, during the budget discussion, these departments have to fight over their budget for tools, marketing, and other resources. As mentioned previously, they are responsible for web operational performance and not necessarily revenue generation or SEO performance.
Create a project based reporting mechanism and marketing budget rather than to set the budget per department. Include the organic SEO performance KPI’s in other departments’ reports such as IT, Web, and Content. By making they share in the outcomes they will be more inclined to work with you.
Changing existing routines is difficult. Further, changing the process alone will not accomplish effective SEO integration. Get the buy-in from other departments and executive by educating about how SEO performance is important to them is one of the keys to the successful SEO integration. Also, work with the IT side to help them achieve their goals as well is a great way to reciprocate. Find out what they are struggling to get funded or approved and identify a way you can leverage Search to help them move the project forward.
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